Unsticking Your Team – the First Step

The key to starting something new is to find the first step.  We get wrapped up in long-term planning, in resourcing, in making sure we have the organization, the tools, but until we see, clearly, the first step we have to take, we’re just preparing, we’re not doing.

If your team is stuck – they know where they have to go, but are not moving – do they have the first step clearly defined?  As a leader, can you help them, empower them to define it?

It may be that there is fear around finding the first step – after all, once it’s known, there is not much in the way of moving into change.  Teams are even more resistant to change than individuals.   Your service to the team as a leader is to help them overcome that resistance.

Leadership requires audacity – the ability to move beyond fear, and embrace the unknown.   Can you take your team beyond their fear so they can see their first move?


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