Executive Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

My goal in coaching is to develop you as a leader, to be fully successful in your current role, and be ready to grow further as your company and organization grows.

My expectation is that you want to learn, practice and stretch your capabilities beyond your current comfort zone.

My intention in working with you is to build mastery in skills that will transform the work you are doing now, and sustain the longer-term growth of both you and your organization.

I work at multiple levels, and will meet you where you are on each one:

  • tactics: the work of day to day management. Mastering the basics enables you to “raise your game” and put energy into leadership.
  • strategy: are you looking ahead? is your vision clear? how can we transform your long-term view, your story-telling and your communication?
  • growth: who are you as a leader? who do you want to be?

Transitions: Challenge and Opportunity

My approach and experience can help you turn periods of
intense change from challenge to opportunity.

Get in touch if you and your organization are being challenged by transitions such as:

  • acquiring or being acquired
  • a “phase shift” – funding, going public, sudden growth
  • a need for a key technical or executive leader to stretch their capabilities
  • a role change for key technical or executive leaders
  • a sudden requirement for rapid growth (funding, competition)
  • cultural change – turnrounds, shifting the organization to a new view
  • strategic change – new markets, new products

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The easiest way to start is with a conversation. Contact me, and let’s schedule a phonecall to get going!