I have been an executive leader in successful tech startups for over twenty years. I was a key early employee at three companies that IPO’d successfully, and a fourth which sold for $250M.

Some of the most rewarding experiences of my career have been mentoring and guiding extraordinary people, so I am now applying my experience to coaching, advising and developing accomplished leaders in the tech industry.

A one page summary of my background and experience is here.

What I Bring to My Clients

  • Experience: Whatever the stage of your company, I’ve been there, from the very first prototype to the day of the IPO and beyond.
  • A history of developing great people: Members of my “alumni” have gone on to C-level positions, successful startups, and high level work at the valley’s most successful companies.
  • A varied approach: At various times I have stepped away from the industry which has allowed me to have a wider view of leadership, drawing on Zen Meditation and mindfulness, yoga, improv and surfing, in addition to fundamental management and organizational techniques.


I started work out of college as an engineer at a startup (Acorn Computers, which still exists as ARM Ltd). We went public about three years later. I started managing engineering teams pretty early in my career and loved it, eventually moving to California to run a team split between Palo Alto and Cambridge England.

Frame Technology was my first Silicon Valley startup, where I built the engineering team and shipped some great products (Frame later went public).

Macromind was a scrappy startup on Townsend Street surviving on a bridging loan when I joined. Four years later, we took the company public (as Macromedia) and I spent six years as an officer of the company running Engineering and Product Management among many other roles, including building a site and team that became Shockwave.com (one of the earliest casual gaming sites) and was eventually sold to MTV networks for $250M+.

More recently I have advised, mentored and coached dozens of startups and founders.

I live in SF with my wife and son and surf when it’s not too cold.

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